Drupal Organised

Best practices to organise Drupal projects

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  1. As developers, we need better organised Drupal websites, because we should not spend days trying to understand what previous developer built and where it is all located.
  2. As community members, we want to rely on community experience to make this a truly community-driven guide.
  3. As project participants, we need a centralised reference for such documentation.


  • Click on 'Edit this page' link at the top of any page.
  • Subscribe to the repo and review new updates as they come in.
  • To discuss anything, please open an issue.
  • For changes, please make changes and create a Pull Request.
  • Spread the word. We want more people to be involved in building good websites.

Other resources

Please refer to RFC2119 for meaning of words MUST, SHOULD and MAY.

All donations are forwarded to Drupal Association.

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